On our first Ladies Who Bake challenge, Creme BruNae hosted the event and chose the topic of “PIE“.

Being the first challenge, the ladies had no idea what to expect or even the amount of sazz that would be brought on our private FB group! A few of the ladies decided to go traditional and create some beautiful crusts, while others went the bottom crust only route and one lady created a cream pie

1. Pear & Caramel Pie

Creme BruNae went the route of sliced pears with a caramel filling. It was her first time creating homemade crust and even though the raw images looked fantastic, the filling made her presentation a little messy, which may have cost her a few points. This pie received the “wooden spoon” award.

2. Lemon Pie

Elly joined out group to practice her baking skills and decided to make a lemon pie with graham cracker crust as her first challenge. She had a slight issue with a few cracks on her pie, but the flavors were definitely there.

3. Apple Cheddar

SugarMomma upped the ante by not only making an extra fancy leaves style crust, but she also made her crust have cheddar to go along with her all American apple pie. The savory and sweet worked really well with the pie and she was definitely a tough contender in this challenge.

4. Bourbon Orange Pecan Pie

BabaYaga, not to be left behind in the fancy crust category, created a beautiful outer braid and topped it with bourbon bottle shapes. A delicious combination, this pie took home 2 ribbons! letting all the ladies know, that Baba Yaga is here to not only raise the bar, but also try to take the ribbons home!

5. Key Lime Pie

Kysta is known for her love of key lime, and she brought her delicious recipe to the competition. The perfect blend of crust to filling using real key limes, and each hand squeezed, this pie brought high praise. This pie took home the “best crust” ribbon.

6. Banofee Pie

Last but definitely not least, Shadoukat decided to try out something a little different from the rest of the ladies and created a Banana Dulce de Leche pie with coffee whipped cream. (boy is that a mouthful!) The initial appearance was pretty and there was a unique balance of various flavors, but this pie quickly became pretty messy when dished out! This pie could have been in the fridge a long longer to try to maintain the shape, but even though it was a big soupy mess in the end, it still won the “best flavor” ribbon.